The General
This is our first Phoenix HTML5 template which features our new sitezadmin. This admin was created from the ground-up with major emphasis on features that could be used for any industry. The admin utilizes the latest programming standards to allow a site that is extremely Google friendly, easily navigated, and fully designed with any device screen in mind. This site is designed with the mobile and tablet users in mind. 

The Features
The biggest change from our past templates are the wide array of features: 

  • Supports up to 4 different languages
  • Supports a 3-tier menu system
  • Utilizes Stacking Pages, which allows you to combine multiple elements
    • Text pages
    • Slideshows
    • Content Slideshows
    • Google Calendar
    • Forms 
  • Attention to detail for clean animations, giving this template series a little something extra
  • Advanced Forms
  • Project Support - You can now create a section that is designed to have information as well as a gallery on one page
  • Integration into Google and Social Media 
    • Easily upload an OG image to be used when sharing content on social media
    • Google Analytics integration 
    • New Paging structure for easy Google crawling
    • Google Calendar integration
  • Supports advanced code - you now can add custom CSS or Jquery to the site or any given page. This allows easy integration with third party sites and coding



A sample Content Slideshow
Each image links out to a different page